2017, 9 min., HD Video, Colour, Sound, 16:9, Slovene with English subtitles

vlcsnap-2017-04-27-18h42m57s114 copyCommunity 2017


High school pupils; a passionate mathematician, a future student of economics at Abu Dhabi University, a history nerd and an art fan, meet every week in the school library to construct a social diagram. A diagram that in focus has the term community and is thought of as a proposition for a more connected way of living emphasizing the notion of situated learning and common practice. Finding its grounds in a specific archive of Partisan Schooling (1943 - 1945), where notes and diagrams from teachers were found on how to teach under radical conditions, the pupils think about modes of self-organizing today. Each pupil voices out their own ideas on how to imagine a more communal mode of living and they incorporate those very different points of view in the diagram. The video follows the process of sketching out the final outcome - a joint diagram as a response to current authoritarian regimes and an invitation to learning new habits and modes of attachment.