2015, 30 min., HD Video, Colour, Sound, 16:9, Slovenian with English subtitles


High school pupils, all members of the school music band, try to imagine how the poem Voiceless (refers to the work We Need a Title), written by their school colleagues could sound like. The video shows the attempt to construct a tune by emphasizing moments of improvisation, play, and negotiation. Despite the impossibility to form a coherent tune because the song breaks all along due to conflicts in the group, different point of views and modes of perceiving the lyrics, this video celebrates temporal togetherness despite its apparent apartness. 

With: Florjan Ajdnik, Matic Dokler, Samanta Kunšt, Anže Zaveršnik

škuc JAM

Installation view, Škuc Gallery, 2015, photo: Dejan Habicht