2010, 17 min. 20 sec., HD Video, Colour, Sound, 16:9, English and Slovene.


Hodoscek view GREGOR PODNAR

Exhibition view at Gregor Podnar Gallery - Project Space Ljubljana, 2010


RAW Material is a video that Hodoscek made in collaboration with the Black Veterans for Social Justice organization in Brooklyn (NY). It focuses on the story of a young war veteran. The video makes audible his confession of a traumatic experience that took place during the occupation of American militant forces in Iraq. It underlines his transition from belonging to a disciplined group identity of soldiers back to being an individual, a civilian.

Hodoscek avoids documentary representation mode and focuses on the exchange of information through role appropriation. She situates the narrative in her local context and applies the gathered material on the 'second' witness. A high school student, non-actor from her home town performs the role of the soldier in the video. His motivation to participate in the film is to test his acting skills. Both narratives overlap, blurring the border of fiction and reality. 



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